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Easy - to - Use and Smart Automation - also for small series!


Cellro was created in 2004 in the workshop of metal processing company in the middle of The Netherlands. Bram de Koning, founder of Cellro, was and still is the owner of this successful company in the machining industry. About automation, linear pallet handling systems were used and a robot was used in work for the automotive branch in 2000.


Cellro is a distinguished developer and manufacturer of robotic automation for the machining industry. The company is acclaimed for its standardized, modularly constructed automation solutions.


- enables clients to maximize machine profitability, reduce labor costs, increase hourly output and allow for overall production growth.

- distinctive standardized modularity empowers the owner with unequaled flexibility, granting full trust in the future.

- a universal, flexible process-controlled automation solution for metal-shaping machines.

- a producer of advanced automation solutions in the form of robot cells with intelligent control.

- a brand that stands for innovation, insight into the machining industry, quality, reliability and high returns.


Cellron solutions is enable to: 


• Workpieces, pallets, clamps, grippers and tools, as well as any additional machining processes, for example deburring, washing, measuring and automatic control of the air cleaning control.

• Quick change over time in small series production, a series size of the one part

• Triples existing production capacity in the labor force

• Fast return on investment payment

• Allows to run machines in night time without employees

• SMART GRIPPER the most advanced rapier, where 3D machine vision systems and servo-function integrated torque wrench for Capto tools change.

• Integrates almost all manufacturers of machine tools and other machining equipment as well as ERP and MES systems

• Very easy to use Finnish and control [ENLARGEMENT # cellroTooling_series_1257.jpg :::: #] remote control software

• Safe and ergonomic work environment

• Very fast installation and commissioning

• Fast portability changing or connecting the floor plan of a new production process

• Can be expanded with modules gradually

• Possible to use in another machine


Cellro videos:





The Company´s homepage:


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