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Long experience and the most extensive range of products


Over 60 years facilitates chip, a waste and material management solutions developed and supplied by the US Prab helps its customers increase their productivity, improve process safety and reduce environmental waste. PRABilla is the market's most extensive product palette, as well as more than 4,500 systems installed around the world experience. The company's European office and factory are in Poland Opolessa. PRABin transport systems, filter, crush and process the metal materials and liquids. Solutions can be found to the individual than the total for the machine tool factories centralized for waste and cutting fluid management.


Efficiency and safety


A significant proportion of the cost of several workshops consist of particle board, plywood and other waste, as well as a variety of liquids, such as the handling of cutting fluids. Waste treatment is ineffective and workers' safety is constantly exposed to risks, such as harmful substances and accidents at work. In addition, contaminated cutting fluid causes wear and tear of tools, low utilization of machines, the extra cleaning costs, expensive cutting fluid recycling of hazardous waste or, in the worst case, even environmental fines.


Chips and liquid circulation


PRABin systems usually pay for itself very quickly. For example, cubers compress the chips or dust from a compact and dry briquettes, wherein 99% is recovered cutting fluid. Briket metal waste is significantly better weather too recycling rate because of its storage, transport and further processing substantially easier. In turn, cutting fluids can be reused by cleaning and recycling, which can calculate the associated costs by up to 90%. Often financially particular importance is the separation of full oil chips and the restoration of the machine tool.

In turn, the particle crushers for chopping long chips tightly packed into pieces. the volume of waste is reduced up to 1 / 12th part of particle wagons and containers are not met from the air, as well as the drain interval is extended and transportation costs are significantly reduced.
PRABilla solutions are also industrial hand, coating and heat treatment processing barriers. Their eco-friendly and meets the regulatory requirements for the disposal is expensive. Liquids can be cleaned, for example, evaporation system, as well as other additives to restore back the use of or into the sewage system, which can provide significant cost savings.


Conveyors also for plate waste


For example, when working with sheet processing tools, lasers, mechanical and hydraulic presses generated plenty of plate waste. Prab core competence is the production of a wide variety of different types of conveyors for different purposes. Lamel conveyors operate machine shops, a general solution for dry and wet chips and press waste. Chain conveyors are suitable for grinding the waste and the cast iron particles. Magnetic signs are suitable for oily chips and plate waste. Screw conveyors, in turn, are suitable for short-term transfer of materials and raw materials. Pneumatic again in situations where not possible to use mechanical conveyors. In addition, Prab manufactures conveyors are also very demanding conditions, such as tempering and molding operation.


PRAB briket machines.


PRABs Mike Hills presentation about

chips and cutting fluids recycling impact to

company´s productivity and environment.


PRAB MiniSystem.


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